I Create

With whispers of ideas to numerous to count
Creating endlessly by the reflections of a Creator
An artist’s life is given to a brush on canvas, a pen on paper, a note soaring through the ear,
A character walking before watching eyes
How delicate – how intelligent – how noble – how limited.

The Creator has given limits, the created pushes to the far edges of those limits.
Created looks to Creator – finding inspiration, gaining insight.
The Master Artisan sets the examples.
The “limited–created” attempts to recreate those examples. 

Examples are perfect at every angle – analyzed and observed.
What is seen, heard and felt evokes a response, which fills the soul
Provoking one to tears in awe and humble appreciation.
Created grapples with understanding his limits to re-create.
It’s a hard lesson – when learned peace surrounds created, giving artistic freedom
Never achieved before.

Created places thoughts and notions in their proper order – giving understanding.
Understanding releases creativity – not trying to out do the Master Artisan
But to gain insight into perfect creation.
As he studies he attempts to come close to his Master
But always knowing his humble limits.

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