Art In Chaos

Art can be found in the "ordinary" life around us.
I once had a professor greet our morning "Philosophy of the Arts" class with excitement about the “snow tunnels” out in the snow covered university grounds. She was disturbed when she mentioned it to her colleagues who did not return her enthusiasm. She ordered us out of the classroom to go explore the beauty in nature up close.

This was an object lesson for me to wake up, open my eyes and "really see" life around me - even more, see the beauty that is. There is beauty all around us, in nature, in our relationships, even beautiful composition can be found in a messy room or a pile of papers or even trash at a dump.  
I'm intrigued by the thought that God can find in our own messy imperfect lives beauty that no one sees or notices. He doesn’t see us as we are, but as we can become - in all of our unrealized potential. In our mess there is beauty waiting to be unveiled. A voice speaks to us or maybe a thought nudges us to look at what is there. If we are willing to be honest we may find the beauty in the mess.
(original painting - acrylic on canvas)

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