Nothing Thoughts

The thought of nothing scares me.
How do you put that out of your mind?
Where does the heart go to be inspired?
Is there a process to retrieve it?
How are we to tap into the hidden experiences of the heart?
The unspoken unarticulated responses logged deep in the soul.
As an artist, this for me is a frustrating process
Some call it their “other” spirit. The Greeks had a name for it – the Muse
Others call it their latent, not yet actualized, self.
Does it come from inside or out?
The source of inspiration has two thoughts - as I see it. One believes it comes from within
the other says it comes from an outside source.

I tend to believe both.
The more holistic approach seems to emerge as truth for me.
If we believe there is a God who created us, and we ask Him to be our Lord, and we believe that God wants us to express our love – in all its forms, then we know it must be possible to tap into that God-placed creative expression.
God created us to be creative – like Him.
Listening to the promptings of the Holy Spirit is a life long process.
It’s a direct influence felt deep within your spirit/soul.
There have been times when I was creating and I knelt down and prayed through a creative block. Okay I’ll admit I have only done this twice. We should all do this more. It’s a way of humbling yourself and removing ego as you create - ego is limiting.
This then comes from a God who IS and asks us to acknowledge Him in all of our endeavors.
The “god-thing” works both from within and without.
God is and always was = without
As a believer God/Holy Spirit now resides in us= within

At times other things “speak” to us.
Things form without (non-Spirit).
Things that we see, hear, feel, touch.
I overheard a fellow directing student tell a friend to start going through books of paintings and photography, and expose yourself to different kinds of music all for the purpose of finding that one thing that inspires you to create. I agreed with him. I do the same thing. Somewhere, some how, one thing will trigger a memory mixed with an emotion, mixed with an original solution. And now we see your unique original art.
The life long struggle as a creative person will be to find a steadier stream of inspiration; giving birth to more original thoughts and expressions.
But it’s sill a scary thought, if only fleeting, to think nothing. To have nothing new to create or say.

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Anonymous said...

It reminds me of the neutral colored fish in Finding Nemo compared to the brightly colored Nemo. One seems full of life and the other dead. Many times when I people watch it seems the same experience occurs, some people just seem alive and others dead. I think the process of being born again means to be truly alive in every sense of the word, creatively, spiritually, emotionally.

How I Wonder Over Zero said...

Yes, good thought - Alive. Do you think us who are spirit filled don't even go after that "aliveness". Are we even aware that the Holy Spirit has influence over every area of our lives? It's almost as if we have to give the Holy Spirit permission to be in control - "to be large and in charge".

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