Art Is Spiritual

Art is spiritual - it gives expression to ones own feelings and perceptions. Without outward expression the artistic soul is lost. The need to express drives you and wakes you up in the morning and steels your thoughts during the day. The artist is compelled to 'Really See' the world for what it is. This spiritual awaking gives rise to ones ability to perceive of human frailty and weakness; it gives voice to all that is good and exposes what is bad. 

The soul creates either consciously or subconsciously not by choice because artistic expression is spiritual. Erwin McMannas tells us that, creativity is a natural result of spirituality. The artist's worldview will ultimately create something that is a glorification of evil or a personification of that which is good. The goal of good art is to not only show the condition of humanity but also why it is this way and how it can be transformed. Remember, we do not judge great art it judges us.

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