I was sitting in a coffeehouse recently making a list of things I needed to get done when my thoughts were diverted to the upcoming new year. I thought over the past year and even the past few years. What had I accomplished? Did any of it matter? Was I accomplishing any of my goals? Did I get any closer? I felt a bit of discouragement set in, as the answer seemed to be - No. I sat there looking out the window as the cars raced by returning home from a long days work. I didn’t even want to take another sip of my now warm mocha…I then asked myself the question – “What Do I Want”?

If we find ourselves in a state of discontentment or unhappiness then we need to get to the core or cause. Often times it's simply a matter of identifying what it is we want.

With this in mind my list began to emerge. I wrote down every thing I wanted to do. I did not sensor myself questioning, “oh I can’t do that” or “that will never happen”. I just simply made a list of my ideal world. It’s surprising what emerged in my list. Deep seated desires and lost dreams appeared I didn’t know were still there.

After I surveyed the list I began to devise a plan to accomplish it. Now I know if you are like me you probably know what needs to be done in order to accomplish it but may not be willing to do it. There may be extenuating circumstances that prevent me from accomplishing all of my desires but at least I know I can take action and work against discouragement thereby feeling empowered. Now it comes down to: am I willing to do the things necessary to get it done? When you see it this way the unhappiness and discontent lightens.

So what do you want…really think about that. Now get at making a plan and make the steps it takes to accomplish your hearts passions. God can give us the dream but we have to take the drive to get there. Wake up dreamers and work by the sweat of the brow in the day light hours, accomplish the ideas that have been burning in you for a long time. Passion came at a price – remember Jesus had to die to accomplish his. Will you die out to yours? What do you want? 

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