A Big Talent Reduced To Silence

Even the smallish streamlined golden casket looks frail sitting atop a skinny cart with small casters…and even here we still gawk.

We are to blame. We are the producer…the mother. We gave birth to him but now we don’t want the credit.

We watched with horror the transformation of a child – the fear, the thrill, the repulsion, and the tragedy. Doesn’t matter if he’s black or white. And there it was…the black/white man…shocking…scary. The black community was incensed the white community was repulsed…and the song came.

He is our “product”. We had him. We made him. We couldn’t help but push him away watching from a distance – he entertained us and at the same time scared us. We longed to be him but hated him.
We turned our backs but he was ours.

He turned his – living in seclusion. His was an isolated life – not normal. He watched us from behind umbrellas, filtered masks, and strange makeup. Neverland became never again – it sits empty.

And the trouble came. Reality twisted into fantasy. He said “I’m glad I’m thought of as a human being not a personality” was he really? We ask, who was the man behind the mask what is that image in the mirror? He is us. We made him.

And now we sit indifferent, in shock, and for some in sadness. We made him. Our culture is to blame. And now as a Christian I feel a bit sad, confused, empty, and hurt. Does it matter if he is dead? It should. I recall the scripture at this time…it is not God’s will for any man to parish but to have eternal life. I can’t say for sure if MJ is in heaven and to my knowledge he was not a professing Christian. What I do know is that often times the world reminds the church of what it should be doing. And in the words of MJ’s song “heal the world and make it a better place” we need do just that. I am one Christian who wants to show God’s love to humanity and yes-even MJ. If nothing else another soul is lost - is that worth a “Christian” tear?

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tamara sevier said...

todd there were plenty of tears that ran down my face...i thought about how much depth his songs had ...he was telling us what his heart felt...the man in the mirrior is one of my favorite songs... " i'm starting with the man in the mirrior i'm asking if he'll change his ways and no message could of been any clearer if you want to make the world a better place take a LOOK AT YOURSELF AND MAKE THAT CHANGE !!!" sounds like a spiritual experience to me...all i can say you can't judge a book by it's cover...he was a son a brother a dad and a friend....and to all his was the best one ever...i'm a fan...thanx todd for sharing your thought how very true .....

Anonymous said...

Todd I think you said it best....I agree with Tamara too...I mean what can I add to express the lost of a human being, a soul, a father and an artist one of the Best that these decades will ever experience. He made some great songs about change and healing the world...yet he was judged on so many levels about his personal search for change and healing and we/us the world soaked up every comment, tabloid, news article to feed our own curiosity and forgot at times that he was just a man looking at himself in the mirrior trying to make some change in how we made him to be in our own eyes. He made us aware what was going on in the world (meaning the needs, globally)and I think he made the first step. Was it in the right direction? That is not for me to judge, but one thing is certain, he stood for what he believed should be changed and we as Christians need to do the same for this lost and dying world.He gave his time and money to sooooo many causes...some that we would probably never know...and we/I need to do the same to help a dying soul. Sara Melendez

Anonymous said...

I agree that the lost of one persons life is precious whether we beleive they are in heaven or hell. I should know with the passing of my own father..I was unsure if he really repented in his last hours, but I have to come to the conclusion that its up to GOD and I must believe. It is not for me to judge how MJ lived his life, because the truth of the matter is that at times I voiced my opinion on what he did or how he lived and I must confess I/we created his reality as a person..one thing is for certain. A great talented, musically spirited, poetic in words, visionary in global change, has passed. Maybe his giving to causes brought some hope within himself that if he could not change what he has become, he might be able to change someone/people, a little part of the world with his music, time and money. I guess what I appreciate the most about his life and others like him is the fact that they stood up for what they beleived and never moved away from what they were trying to accomplish and for MJ that was making this world a better place in his own way...I ask what are we/I doing to make this place a better place and are we really using all our resources and talents to further what GOD wants and has created us to be and do. I say least he used his talent and didn't sit idle waiting for someone to make a change..he started with the Man in mirror. I don't condone his lifestyle but his talent and his causes for change is wha I admire.

Anonymous said...

We wanted the talent but threw him away when he got “weird". We listened to his music but wouldn't look at his face. We made him big but gave him away. We speculated, joked, judged, and condemned the man we couldn't stand to look at. He reached out to us, pleaded with us to make a change and we silently accepted his words in the dark where no one could see us. Rejected and disregarded we left him in is seclusion happy to see our precious magazines clear of his pail skin, his funny cloths, his misshapen nose, and those eyes. The eyes the screamed for help, the eyes the begged for love and acceptance, the eyes the carried wounds, the eyes almost empty and broken. We couldn't look until he was hidden by a casket. Then there was something good to say. Now it was ok to love him. It was ok to cry, ok to apologize. The world would surely understand that, they wouldn't judge this time now that he's gone. He's finally gone. Yes we made him but we didn't want him. First we saw him for all his talent and potential, loving him without shame, but slowing he seemed to change into a monster and we forgot about love, about talent, it didn't matter. He was weird, a monster, that's what he was to us, that's what we made him.

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