An Artist's Prayer

Lord, let me see you more clearly through your creation. Continue to strike me with awe and wonder over your artistic expression – the heavens and the earth and all that is within.

Lord, you remind me of your passion as you died for me. Help me to suffer so I might have passion. Help me to feel hurt so that I might help those who can’t express it.

Help me to not become so self-absorbed that I become my own creator.
Let me notice more that is wrong in this crazy-mixed-up-world so that I might speak out and create what is good. Expose me to all the wrongs so I can express the right. As you touch me Lord I am able to touch others through my work.

Lord, remind me to stay humble as others praise your gifts in me. Let me not steal your praise but receive it than pass it back up to you.

It’s not because of my efforts that I am good but because I am weak and inadequate that you come close to me. It is in my imperfection that you make me perfect.

Lord, bless my efforts and help my imagination grow through the expression of my faith in you.
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